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Dear Biobord Users @Biobord_network @ConnectedByBiobord @Biotalouskampus_staff

What has been going on at Biobord platform lately?

As a part of the ConnectedByBiobord project, we are in the process of upgrading the Biobord platform and defining our network activities for the term 2021-2027. The aim is to establish a sustainable operating model for our network activities. Guiding principles for the upgrading include ‘keeping it simple’ as well as targeting information separately to network partners and other users.

Ongoing upgrades of the platform include improvements in navigation and user guidance. We now offer quick access to messages and preferences for the registered users. The quick access is added to your login list that you can access from the site’s head banner under your profile name. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are also available via the login list.

For targeted guidance, visit our ‘About’ page and you will find updated information for Biobord users and for our network partners. We are also in the process of defining information package for the new users and aspiring partners. Our final user guides and guides for network partners will be published by the end of June. However, you are already able to study the drafts via the ‘About’ page.

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Let us know what you think – share your views on the Biobord platform and the recent updates by responding to our user survey!

:link:USER SURVEY OPEN UNTIL 30.4.2021

Coming soon!

More updates are coming up soon as we will also upgrade our Network map to feature the network partners. New updated map will include search features to study the network partners.

@Biobord_user Have you enjoyed your time at Biobord? Give us your feedback and help us to develop the platform. The survey only takes 5-10 minutes of your time.

Our survey for all Biobord users is open until 2021-04-29T21:00:00Z


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