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Alternative proteins meet circular bioeconomy Welcome! In this sub-category, you may share your knowledge, ideas and thoughts related to alternative proteins in circular bioeconomy. Circularity in the textile industry In this sub-category, you may share your knowledge, ideas, initiatives and thoughts related to circularity in the textile industry! Circular Bioeconomy Circular Economy Biopolymers and Packaging Industry We all face rapid changes in the packaging Industry and have to find different solutions in terms of sustainability, finding ways to move from fossile-based products towards biobased and recycable products. In our workshop we will highlighted trends, best practices and innovations from very successful and experienced (Tetra Pak) as well as very exciting and promising (Startups Brightplus, RAIKU, Cell2Green) packaging companies around the Baltic Sea Region, from public authorities (Initiative plastic free city of Rostock) and an R&D organisations in the field of packaging / bioplastics (Technical University Szczecin). Based on this input, we discussed the issues, exchanged knowledge and started 2 concrete joint activities, already. Join this digital discussion forum with experts of the Baltic Sea Region about alternative packaging and circular bioeconomy and networking offers within the ScanBalt bioeconomy group.
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