Welcome to the Online Final Seminar of RDI2CluB-project

Thank you all for participating to our Final Seminar. Besides of slight technical challenges, we manged to present interesting topics.

You may find the recording of the event here and linked materials.

Recording: coming soon

Regional Bioeconomy Profiles: Dashboard - Delft en Westland

Regional Action Plans: RDI2CluB-website - Results http://rdi2club.eu

Joint Action Plan: Jyväskylän ammattikorkeakoulu | Jamk

Biobord Operating Model: https://forum.biobord.eu/t/biobord-operating-model/802/3

Local pilots and impact report: It’s time for a rural renaissance

The Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA: Front page - Sitra

Megatrends: megatrendit2020juliste-en.pdf (165.5 KB)