What is Biobord Network?

This category introduces the official network behind Biobord-platform, Operating Model and Joint Action Plan - Biobord Network. Contact person: @riikkakumpulainen

The official Biobord Network was established in October 2020.

Biobord Network aims to secure the future of Biobord-platform, Operating Model and Joint Action Plan. Members consist of former RDI2CluB-partners and ConnectedByBiobord-project partners. The focus of the network is to develop bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region and we wish all interested organizations to join us!

The annual membership fee (called maintenance fee) for an organization is 266€/year. Organizations are free to resign the network at any given moment.

Biobord Network meets twice a year and the second meeting is a BSR themed seminar.

The agenda for the first year of Biobord Network (OCT 2020 - OCT 2021) is to form the network and gain new members. In October 2020 Biobord network consists of 8 active bioeconomy developers organization:

  • JAMK University of Applied Sciences (FI): chairman 2020-2021

  • Regional Council of Central Finland (FI)

  • Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (NO)

  • Tretorget Ltd. (NO)

  • Regional Science and Technology Centre (PL)

  • Foundation for Social Dialogue and Education PRO Civis (PL)

  • Vidzeme Planning Region (LV)

  • Institute for Environmental Solutions (LV)

  • SEI Tallinn (EE)

New members are welcomed at any given moment - just contact the chairman (this season @riikkakumpulainen)!

New organization have a chance for trial period of two months before signing the network agreement of Biobord Network, to see how we work.

Join us now!