Welcome to Evenstad and Grouse network 2020

We at Evenstad are pleased to invite you to our seminar at Evenstad. Our goal is to re-establish the former grouse monitoring network and the small game seminar at Evenstad. We hope that the network can contribute to collaboration and knowledge sharing across borders and between academia, management and public authorities.

InvitationGrouse network seminar.pdf (507,3 KB)
ProgramProgram Grouse network seminar.pdf (559,0 KB)

We will be using as a network platform. We will post info from our faculty here, and we hope that you all will contribute with information, questions, and participate in discussions.

Looking forward to see many of you at Evenstad.


This notification was sent out by mail to assigned participants yesterday evening:

Due to the corona virus and the change in the situation regarding restrictions, I will ask all of you that haven’t started you travel toward Evenstad to not travel. Those of you that already are on you way, you have to make your choice if you should return. There will be a meeting at Evenstad tomorrow, but I might be some changes in the plan.

Everybody should be able to participate and give presentations on Skype.

Please contact me if you have questions!

Best regards
Marius Kjønsberg

Mobile phone: +47 909 19 903
Email: marius.kjonsberg(at)

Hi all
Here is the address to use for attending the seminar today

Join from Skype for Business or a video system.
Remember to start video to join the meeting.

Other options, see my guest page:

Here is the presentation of Biobord as a collaborative platform for the Grouse Network:
Collaborative platform Biobord.pdf (1.3 MB)
and the user guide:
5_simple_steps_to_start_using_Biobord.pdf (1.3 MB)

Here is the presentation about Ptarmigan monitoring in Iceland by Olafur K Nielsen:

Here is the presentation about Capercaillie and Wind Turbines by Julia Taubman:

Here is the presentation about Grouse management on state highlands, Sweden, by Torleif Eriksson:

Here is the presentation about Grouse management at Finnmarkseiendommen, Norway, by Christina Bjørkli:

Here is the presentation about Grouse monitoring in the Syktyvkar region, Russia, By Oleg Mineev:

Here is the presentation about Capercaillie research in Sweden by Erik Ringaby:

Here is the presentation about Grouse research in canada by Graham Frye, presented by Scott Brainerd (@smbrainerd):

Here is the presentation about Grouse counting and hunting in Finland, by Ahti Putaala (@ahti.putaala) :