We are looking for an expert for a sheep wool event 15.9.2020


We are organizing an event focusing on sheep wool and looking for an expert to give a short speech / presentation (about 15 minutes) on the production and use of sheep wool in their own country. Norway in particular would be an interesting country in this area.

The event is on Tuesday 15.9. from 1 p.m. The speech will be given remotely at the very beginning of the event.

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1 pm Finnish time. :slight_smile:

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Dear @Aija,
could you please offer some more information about the event? Who are the hosts and audience and will the event be held on Zoom, Teams or similar?

I’m thinking of a couple of organisations which may be relevant for this speech.

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Dear @ingrid,

The event is part of the RDI2CluB (PP1) project showroom week, which will be held at the local bioeconomy business accelerator in BioPaavo, Saarijärvi. The purpose of the event is to promote the networking of Central Finnish entrepreneurs and improve the profitability of the wool chain.

The program would first include a presentation of the Norwegian wool chain and then we will have a panel discussion on improving the profitability of the Finnish wool chain. The panelists in the discussion are entrepreneurs and experts from different parts of the wool chain (farmer, sheep breeding expert, entrepreneur who has already productized wool, an entrepreneur who processes wool, logistics expert).

Your speech / presentation should present the wool chain in your country. For example, how much wool do you produce, how much of it do you use in your own country, what problems and benefits do you see in using your own domestic wool, how have you organized the logistics for collecting wool, and so on. The idea would be to learn from the practices of different countries and look for ideas for our own development, benchmarking. @riikkakumpulainen would interpret your presentation into Finnish. We will have a panel discussion in Finnish.


Event will be held on Zoom.