TUTORIAL: Where to present my business idea/innovation?

Biobord platform has been designed for business idea or innovation sharing. There are many ways to present:

  1. On Stage -event: book your own On Stage event by contacting @riikkakumpulainen or @tiina on Biobord (private message) and we will arrange an event for you. The expertise of the Biobord network is in your use!

The stage is open for bioeconomy companies looking for information on and contacts to the Baltic Sea markets. Whether you are looking for international partners or thinking about starting exporting venture, we’ll assemble an expert panel to hear your case and give you feedback and guidance on the way forward.

‘On Stage’ events are 45 -60 minutes online events with a 15-20 minutes presentation from the company following feedback and discussion with the invited panelists. Currently, our pool of experts is focusing on Finland, Norway, Poland, Latvia and Estonia.

Send us a private message via Biobord to describe your case and we’ll help you to set up an ‘On stage’ event for you within 30 days. We will also jointly agree whether the event is open or limited access.

  1. Share your idea on Open Biobord. Remember to use tag “Explore innovation”

  2. Ask opinion from Biobord Staff: Biobord network contains experts from different fields of bioeconomy, and our friendly staff can help you to network and to get that second opinion for your innovation.

Don’t hesitate to ask, if you are not sure where and how to present your innovation :slight_smile:

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