TUTORIAL: What is Biobord Operating Model?

When talking about Biobord, inevitably Biobord Operating Model is mentioned.

But what is Biobord Operating Model ?

It is a supporting document that guides in the use of the Biobord-platform and presents all of its features within details:

  • Networking and matchmaking

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Project working

  • Innovation support

Operating Model also guides in the formation of a bioeconomy cluster/innovation ecosystem (bioeconomy hubs), which is know to be a way to develop bioeconomy in a region.

Operating Model consists of multiple documents:

  • Operating Model 3.0

  • Biobord-platform management documents (terms of service, privacy policy, data balance sheet, quality checklist for service cards)

  • Guides for Biobord use (innovation hub design, service path guide, communication guide, user guide)

  • Technical manuals (keycloak = registering system, Wagtail = news/map/services, forum and Resources = document management system)

The newest version of the Operating Model can always been found from Biobord User Support, under a topic of Biobord Operating Model.

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