TUTORIAL: What are all these groups on the Biobord forum?

Biobord platform has two types of groups:
1) Main categories: User Support, Open Biobord & Biobord On Stage
2) Project groups and regional groups that anyone can set up

Here’s a brief introduction to Biobord’s groups. Each group also has an English description of its function, even if they operate on a local language. Each group also contains information of a contact person and if there is an ability to join the group.

BIOBORD USER SUPPORT: Help and guidance :raising_hand_man:

OPEN BIOBORD FORUM: Bioeconomy discussion, networking and idea sharing :man_teacher: :man_farmer: :speaking_head:

BIOBORD ON STAGE: Announcement area for bioeconomy themed webinars and for example for innovation presentation :film_projector: :desktop_computer:

Project groups:

BeUBio-project (only for project members)

BioPaavo :finland: (Finnish bioeconomy business accelerator, open group)

Let’s Talk About Sheep Business (open group for sheep farmers and possibility to join to the closed discussion)

Pohjoinen Pooli :finland: (closed group for business development bodies on northern Central Finland, members only)

RDI2CluB (closed project group, members only)

YMPYRÄKS :finland: (open discussion in Finnish for all organizations that are interested in sustainability)

Regional groups:

Bioeconomy Knowledge And Development Centre, Polish group :poland:

Tarvaala Bioeconomy Campus, Finnish group :finland:

INN Centre of Bioeconomy Forum, Norwegian group :norway:

Latvian Food And Bioeconomy Cluster, Latvian group :latvia:

Don’t hesitate to contact our helpful staff, in case of trouble :slight_smile:
Contact our staff members privately through a private message: Meet the staff of Biobord!

Or tag the in the comments: @Biobord_staff