TUTORIAL: Problems with registering or login?

Biobord platform is a developing platform and there has been some questions about registering. Here are the most occurred issues and solutions for registering. :desktop_computer:

  1. Where to register ? :arrow_right: Login-button on the right corner of Biobord OR login-button on Biobord Forum

  2. I haven’t received a verification email for my Biobord-account ? :arrow_right: Please check your email’s trash-folder

  3. I received verification email to my trash-folder but it doesn’t include verification link ? :arrow_right: Please check the security settings of your email, it might remove all links from emails that are potentially dangerous (ours is not). After changing the settings please request a new verification email by choosing Í forgot my password`.

  4. It says that an account with my email already exists ? :arrow_right: Please contact Biobord admin: Verification process of the account has not fell through.

Please email us if you are unable to register, we are happy to assist.