TUTORIAL: How to set up a profile on Biobord?

Biobord is an excellent tool for online working in the field of bioeconomy (now that physical meetings are restricted). :computer: :green_heart: :computer:

Biobord offers an online platform for all bioeconomy developers: bioeconomy businesses, research institutes, policy makers, bioeconomy students… For everyone that is interested in bioeconomy!

It is a place where knowledge and ideas come together.

In order to be part of this growing transnational network, you’ll need to register and set up a profile.
Here’s how you do it!

  1. Login on the right top corner of the Biobord forum and create a user account (available also with Google and LinkedIn accounts).

  2. Confirm your registering in your email (remember to check your email’s trash file)

  3. Welcome on Biobord!

You may find your profile settings under the profile icon on the top right corner and by clicking your user name.

Preferences -section will allow you to edit your profile.

  • Profile picture (very important in online discussion - gives it a more personal touch)

  • Profile description (let everyone know what you are good at and what are you looking for from Biobord)

After this, you are ready to go!

We also recommend that you share a short introduction on the Open Biobord Forum of you. That way our network will find you :hugs: