TUTORIAL: How to send a private message?

Private messaging is a great way to contact another registered user, if you don’t wish other people to see your discussion. :speech_balloon:

There are two ways to discuss privately 1) chat 2 )private message

Chat is more of an unformal messaging from and it is a good tool for matters that require fast reply.
Biobord chat can be found from the Forum, on the bottom right corner with a speech bubble -icon. Here you can find all registered user and send them a quick message by selecting the name of the person you want to contact. Biobord will notify of an arrived chat-message by showing the numer of arrived messages on top of the chat-icon. Chat messages will NOT disappear over time.

Private message is better for longer communication with a specific person/persons. Each user has a ´Message´-function in their profile page. This is for private messaging. Writer can add as many recipients to the private message as needed, it can be a group message. Biobord will notify of the arrived messages in the notifications-section where all activity is shown. Sent messages can be seen from your own profile.