TUTORIAL: How to find a right expert from Biobord network?

One of the main goals of is to connect bioeconomy developers around Baltic Sea Region, for example held local bioeconomy businesses find right kind of expertise or knowledge from our network.

Here are few tips for matchmaking :handshake:

  • In order to people to discover your expertise, your profile needs to be updated. Your profile description should contain information of your skills, interests, expertise, work background and contact details. Profile picture is a great plus!

  • Biobord network is wide, so updated profile is not enough for matchmaking. Users don’t tend to scroll user profiles thorugh. That is why it is important to bring yourslef forward, if you are interested to do transnational co-operation, share ideas and have a discussion with our network. Please write your introduction to Open Biobord, under Meet the Network.

  • If you have a specific need, for eaxmple for expertise, publish a topic on Open Biobord. Discribe already in the headline what you are looking for and tell more details in the text. Also, remember to use tags.

  • Be active. The best way to bring forward your expertise and your needs is to be active on Biobord. Iniate converstaions, comment and don’t be affraid to send private co-operation proposals to our network members. Co-operation is the reason why we all are here :slight_smile:

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