TUTORIAL: How to create a poll in a Biobord topic?

Biobord offers a great tool for voting (joint meeting, joint decision etc.). It is a good way to reduce email discussion.

Here’s how you create a poll on Biobord.

  1. Create a new topic, decide a headline and write your text
  2. Choose the wheel-icon on the navigation bar inside of the text editing field


  1. Build poll
  2. A new window will open, which allows you to customize your poll
    • Type: choose whether you wish to have one answer/person or multiply answers/person
    • Results: who can see the results and when
    • Remember to push ´show who voted´ if you wish for example to see that everyone in your team has taken the poll
  3. Enter one poll option per line. It will automatically create options based on that. You may see the outcome in the editing field in the poll window.
  4. Insert the poll
  5. Publish your topic and wait for the results

Ps. It is recommendable to give a response time for the audience. That way they will know the deadline and you will know when to publish the results.