TUTORIAL: Biobord's tags

Dear Biobord users, as you may have noticed the tagging system of Biobord has been improved. :partying_face:

Here is how it works:

There are 6 main tag-categories (forestry/blue-bioeconomy/food-and-agriculture/renewable-energy/technology/general) and more specific tags under them.

Each tag has an icon (tag-gaetgories and specific tags), so it is easy to see what the topic is about. You can add to your topic both: general tag and more specific tag (for example this topic has GENERAL and more specifically INNOVATION).

All tags are pre-selected and here you may see in the picture, all available tags. Tag listing in the topic only shows the most used tags. It will suggest these pre-selected tag when you start to write it. New tags can only be added to the list through admin. If you wish to have a new tag-category or a specific tag, please contact @riikkakumpulainen or HelpDesk.

We are happy to hear your thoughts and user experiences of the improved tagging system :slight_smile:



Dear @Biobord-user, the tag list will be updated in the beginning of July.

Please comment here before 01.07.2020, if you have request for new tags or for removing some tags.

Tags to be added:

  • Newsletter
  • Education
  • Learning

Tags to be removed:

  • Forestwirtshaft

Dear @Biobord-user, tag-list has now been updated according to your requests.

Added tags:

  • Newsletter
  • Education
  • Learning

Removed tags:

  • Forestwirtshaft

Updated list can be found from the first message in this topic. Don’t hesitate to contact our staff @Biobord_staff in case of trouble or questions :slight_smile:

You are most welcome to send your tag requests to this topic. Tags are updated on a monthly basis.


Dear Biobord-users, it is once again end of the month and I would love to hear if you have any suggestions or additions to our list of tags. You may see the current list in the first post in this thread.

Feel free to comment here :slight_smile:

For the next updating round of Biobord tags, I propose addition of following:

  • fundingcall

  • alternativeproteins

Tags will be updated in JAN 2021, make sure to recommend new ones in this thread

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