Summary of discussion with Wilawood

On 17 September, Foundation and Social Dialogue Pro Civis and JAMK University had a discussion with Wilawood as a part of RDI2Club online benchmaking experience. Please find a summary of a meeting.
Thematic discssion.docx (15,4 KB)
@riikkakumpulainen, @tiina, @Milena do you have something to add? Riikka, could you also tag Wilawood team?
Maybe someone from our Polish team has other ideas? @RDI2CluB_Poland

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Wilawood - A family business located in Saarijärvi, Central Finland, founded in 2018. A company produces handcrafted design products of curly birch and other Finnish wood species like rowan, flame birch and grey alder. The main raw material is curly birch, which is a Finnish specialty and a genetic variant of silver birch. It is grown in PEFC-certified forest on our family’s homestead in Central Finland, in the city of Saarijärvi. Wilawood product range includes for example jewelry, serving trays, chopping boards and vases combining wood and mouthblown glass.


Unique products, material, and brand

Small products are suitable for web shop and shipping

Finland is internationally well known of our clean and beautiful nature, which is a good asset for marketing

Possibility of using big trees as raw material in plywood production and the markets for that are mostly in Central Europe- also possible to sell small diameter curly birch raw material


Cost-efficiency of production methods

Small diversity of distributions channels

Difficulties in shipping

Challenges and possible solutions

How to get to the global markets with Wilawood’s products? How to get to the global markets with curly birch raw material? à Improvements of the product range so that is suitable for global markets and for shipping. Strengthening the production chain by expanding retail channels : exhibitions might be a possibility or other event when regional products are presented. New product development and development of production methods

Any other ideas or suggestions ?