Regeneration 2030

Hi all, I open this topic to discuss about the upcoming Regeneration 2030 Summit

I hope you all had a nice summer time!

As you may know I am responsible to host a panel at the Regeneration 2030 summit on August 20. I will briefly introduce the BeUBio project, and the story-maps, before giving space to speakers.

The summit and panel will happen in a hybrid mode - both online and in local hubs.

You should all feel invited to participate, in either the whole event or the panel only. In either case, you should register to the event here:

want to know more? just shout!



Hi everyone! the Summit is approaching, and the panel will take place this Thursday 20/08.

The event is using “Slack”, a working platform, to share content and create channels for discussion during and after the summit.

I opened a channel called #youngentrepeneurs were I am promoting the BeUBio, our stories and the panel event. here you can read the text:


My name is Alberto Giacometti and live in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have created this channel to share with you inspirational stories of young persons across the Baltic Sea Region leading the way to sustainability from different sectors and industries. In the BeUBio platform you can find stories of young people whose business ideas, jobs and other activities lead the way towards a different and more sustainable economic path.

Some of these young leaders will be with us during the Regeneration 2030 Summit to share with us their experience, both their achievements and challenges. Please read their profiles here.

Speakers panel “Young people leading the way to a sustainable economy” August 20, 16:30-17:30

  1. Juan Medina, Denmark: founded Kaffe Bueno to explore the infinite possible uses coffee grounds, extending its life cycle, reducing environmental degradation, and helping a community of women in his hometown in Colombia.
  2. Anastasia Selezneva, St Petersburg, Russia: initiated Green Glass, a studio where to create decorations and art installations from recycled glass. She is also organising events to educate groups on SDGs in St Petersburg.
  3. Māra Lieplapa, Latvia: has unearthed traditions from rural Latvia to produce PLŪKT teas from hand-picked herbs. PLŪKT provides opportunities to farmers and women with few resources.
  4. Leo Wezelius, Sweden: Leo and friends funded Volta Greentech with the mission to cut 4% of the global greenhouse gas emissions feeding cows with special red seaweed.
  5. Liisa Aavik ,Estonia: leads a zero-waste campaign through the Suletud ring blog and offers consultations and workshops. She also writes journalistic articles about sustainable living.