JAMK student presentations

JAMK students present the results of their work here (week 7). INN students give feedback here during weeks 8-10.


Hi! My name is Elisa Honkanen. I am studying agrology at Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. On the link below you will find my presentation.


Sari Laakso presenting the idea of BeAware mobile app:


Janika Masti presenting the idea of Green Walls:


Jenni Alppisara presenting the idea of Pet Clubs:


Hey. here is my presentation from adventure pedagogical game to grouping.{76361091-71C3-4912-BA42-52F72E1FB463}&file=Customer%20service%20path.pptx&action=edit&mobileredirect=true

Hi @Henna (and @marih), the link does not work - at least for me. Let’s try to sort out what is wrong.


Hi Jenni and @marih
Visualy very good description of segment and journey - you’ve been using a dynamic and selling tool and covered the needed topics very well. Very good potential customer description, including important issues - like where she lives and thinks, in addition to standard charateristics like sex and age. Could activities for raising awareness be extended with also some more direct channels according to her profile? I.e. in her face when she waits for her kids at their evening activities, in the waiting room at the health centre etc?

Hi Janika and @marih
Thank for an interesting presentation. The product is very trendy and important. I really liked your quite narrow customer segment - that clear picture of customer segment really should give you an advantage in communication activities. The customer path was also interesting - should social media also be described and planned as a part of the customer journey?

Hi Sari and @marih
Very trendy idea for a needed product in a world of to many everyday choices. This product could probably be sold to big retailers as it is - or even more exitingly: be developed as a crowd sourced product with sponsoring from NGO’s etc. What about navigation inside the shop - is that a need for a hasty customer? Will the business model be critical (as the customer might suspect fake news from the retailer)? Could or should the customer segment be more clealy defined - at least in an early stage (need for forerunners?)

Hi @elisamaria and @marih
I would love to see these courses in combination with free online classes, for dissemination and marketing. This could also add value to the product for the customer by extending the experience - in the warming up before the classes, between classes and afterwards. Could the customer segment be more narrow? It would make it easier in marketing and exceeding customer expectations.

Hi @Henna
Unfortunately I could not make the link work either. Could you please try uploading it again?

Here is Henna’s idea in a pdf format. Hopefully not too much damage was done to the presentation’s details:

HP Customer service path.pdf (3.7 MB)

Hi @Henna and @marih
I really liked the idea and your presentation. I’ve been leading several teams myself and you are spot on when understanding the customer and the customers needs. But Online booking of time-slot is essential for a hasty customer - could that have been included in the service path?

You might experience some dificulties when it comes to your busines model, I guess thats an aspect to be covered in another task… (The experience is quite short - this should be reflected in the price - and your staff cost is rather high related to expected price. Should you include more elements to your product to add value?)

Well done - keep up the good work:)
Br Halgrim

Hi @Halgrim
Thank you. Online booking is a good idea. I have already changed the plan and leave out of service. So I only sell the game with instructions. This will make it more productive. And thanks for the encouragement.

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