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Dear all @BeUBio. We have got an invitation to be a founding member to the EU4Ocean Platform. We, Jens, Helén and I, have agreed on a Letter of Intent which Jens will send in tomorrow. Please find here the Letter of Intent and also the Invitation Letter we have received.
2020 06 03 letter of intent_EU4Ocean Platform.docx (731.9 KB) Email for founding members invitation_13May2020_BLPBY.pdf (743.7 KB)

Dear all,

As agreed I have applied as a founding member to the EU4Ocean Platform on the behalf of the BeUBio partner Group. We have therefore received an invitation to an informal (online) EU4Ocean Platform information exchange on 18 June, 10:30-11:45 CEST. This information will be open to all EU4Ocean Platform founding members, no need for registration.

We welcome all of you in the BeUbio partner group to participate if you are interested and have the opportunity. Later on we also need to appoint one or two contacts representing the BeUBio-group.

Pleas find attached email for more information. I still haven’t got the zoom link and drafted agenda but will send you this information as soon as I got it.

Best regards,

Invitation_18 June 10_30-11_45 CEST EU4Ocean Platform information session for founding members.pdf (467.0 KB)

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Thank you for this message! I myself cannot participated that day, but I have asked our department manager, if she is able to join. I will inform you, if the answer is positive.

Please find attached email about the informal EU4Ocean Platform information exchange, including zoom link and drafted agenda.


Zoom link and agenda, EU4Ocean Platform founding members.pdf (635.9 KB)