Erasmus+ funding possibility

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There is an Erasmus+ funding for vocational excellence available that could be interesting for us. They are expecting to get quite massive project plans with eight partners, but also the funding would be worth 4 million euros per project. What do you think? Where are we planning to aim our next big project plan?

More info here:

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Hi @BeUBio!
I am trying to get regional partners ready to work with that - I ll have a meeting with them 12 of december. It would be great if we could get partners from our regions to cooperate!

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Could we discuss on the 11th in Copenhagen?

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Good idea, @helen1!


Dear @marih and @antje.schreyer, can you share a bit ore on this in here before meeting in CPH? Do you see that we could join the proposal you are now working on? What type of partners would you expect to have in that consortium?

Their info material can be found here:

presentation_online_info_session_coves.pdf (3.5 MB)

Unfortunately, JAMK does not have any resources for writing the application, and it also seems that the deadline is coming too soon. However, this kind of Erasmus+ could be an interesting funding source for our next big project, there sure will be new possibilities in coming months.

@Santa, @marih
After having my meeting with some regional actors this morning, I think that we are also not in a position to write an application for ERASMUS+ right now. But I hope that I reached some actors that might be intressted at a later stage when similar issues come up…

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