Efficient and decentralized bioenergy production

Bioenergy knowledge exchange unites cooperatives in Finland and in Norway. Concrete actions have been conducted by consultation and discussions of solid biofuel quality, and usability and efficiency of modern small-scale bio heating system. @markku and @ola: could you present experiences and findings from the first step cooperation action?

I would like to open discussion for ideas and actions needed for increasing the knowledge of efficient bioenergy production, emission control and related business. In addition to traditional wood based fuels and their use being common in Northern Europe, interesting topics could be found in utilization of lower quality biomasses (circular economy), processing bio fuels, variety of ways increasing the energy efficiency, biogas, small scale CHP and other conversion technologies (adapted from larger scale) such as gasification.

@irina: according to JAP, online meeting of related stakeholders for discussing bioenergy issues has been planned?

@Hannariina, online meetings are possible and very appreciated. Joint action leader take initiative to organise the meetings. As far as I have information, there is no any meeting related to bioenergy scheduled at the moment. @suvi , have you information about any planned online meeting regarding this topic?

Thank you @irina for the quick reply. I was referring to “Summary of the Joint Action Plan workshop” from Poland stating as follows under 1.1.3:

Tasks: P11 – to organise joint online meeting of related stakeholders for discussing bioenergy issues (knowledge to be used for the project BB4V.

Who does know more about this?

JAP introduces stakeholders Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute and Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies from Latvia under action 1.1.3.

@Hannariina @kristaps.rocans

Yes, indeed P11 VPR is planning to organise online meeting, but not immediately as we are intended to do some homework – to identify more specific issues to be discussed and worked with further, and to address external experts to be invited to join us. Kristaps and I discussed, how and when we would be ready to propose online activity. Indicative time is December-January.

@Hannariina and @markku The first actions were related to helping the SME delivering wood chips to the CHP at Campus Evenstad. The SME got advises about how to fullfill the demands for this specific plant. Changes in the Production system has now been made according to those advises and the deliverances now seem to fullfill the demands. Therefore I will describe the help from JAMK as a success. The contracter (Bioenergi Innlandet AS) got help from Tretorget for funding of the help from JAMK. The Work has been organized as a Project in the Norwegian FORREGION-program. This program is established by the Norwegian Research Council and the regions (here the county of Hedmark and Oppland). At the time being there seems to be no need for further actions. The contractor seems to be busy With implementing the New competence forwarded to him.