ConnectedByBiobord administrative questions

Dear @riikkakumpulainen, we have established a separate Bank account for the ConnectedByBiobord project:

“Biobord atvērtā inovāciju platforma - bioekonomikas attīstītāju sadarbība Baltijas Jūras reģionā (ConnectedByBiobord)”

As per initial plan (before any approved budget changes) the yearly spending plan currently is following from our side:
2020.: 26000,00 EUR
2021.: 59044,00 EUR

I will provide you with the budget changes proposal by the end of October - is there any particular form you would like for us to fill?

Regarding the Activity plan - Do you expect any additional activity plan to be submitted now that differs from the one Annexed to the Partnership Agreement?

Basically, currently I do not foresee any major changes regarding the food Innovation group as stated in the general Annexed plan.

What might change is an addition of on-line workshops for more detailed planning of the Food Hackaton, set-up of cross border B2B and expert teams, more additional specialized on-line workshops… , but all this will still need to be planned (partly in our workshop on 22nd October), but also together with other partners, also in line with any budget changes or proposals.

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Dear Kristaps, thank you for the update and questions.

I will save your new bank information to our system.

You may use the same spending plan template as in the RDI2CluB, or merely write the changes to me via email/Biobord message. Here is the template:

Partnership Agreement should have a more general workplan, since many changes will come. But for the internal use FIG members might need more step-by-step instruction for implementing. Perhaps Biobord communication works well for that. Up to you :slight_smile:

This more detailed planning can be in our internal workplan and inside of GoA’s, the most important thing is that me and GoA members know what will happen and when.

You may write together with the FIG to a separate page of the workplan excel the plans and steps of FIG: - In any form (table, text…)

Please let me know if I can assist in any way!

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Thank you @riikkakumpulainen, this is all very helpful information! Since I am taking over all the administrative issues from Santa for the extension project, some things may need more clarifications for me :slight_smile:

Regaridng the more detailed internal GoA2.1. workplan - this we can discuss tomorrow with other partners also.

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