Call for expert on topic "Bioeconomy value chains and digitalization"

Vidzeme Planning Region together with the Institute for Environmental solutions and Nordregio is organizing next installment event of “Vidzeme bioeconomy forum” – a practical workshop for bioeconomy businesses “Rethinking bioeconomy value chains through digitalization” in Cēsis, Latvia on October 15, 2019.

Vidzeme Planning Region is looking for an expert who could deliver a forum key-note presentation on the topic: “Rethinking bioeconomy value chains” and lead a follow-up practical workshop for bioeconomy businesses: “Rethink your value chain”

The key-note presentation should address the following questions:

  • Existing and emerging value chains in the bioeconomy sectors;
  • Practical examples of value chain innovations in the bioeconomy sectors (food and feed, wood processing, blue bioeconomy, cosmetics, bio fuels etc.);
  • Digitalization opportunities and challenges in the bioeconomy value chains for small and medium businesses

A follow-up practical workshop for bioeconomy businesses “Rethink your value chain” will be focused on SME representatives working in small groups assessing their existing value chains and their critical components, and defining the main challenges and areas of potential improvement and innovation in their value chains or finding a new or emerging value chains, relevant for their core business development. Special focus must be paid to the aspect of potential for digitalization opportunities within their value chains.

The expert should possess:

  • Strong practical and theoretical knowledge on the bioeconomy existing and emerging value chains, new trends in the bioeconomy development and bioeconomy digitalization, strong knowledge on innovation management processes within the bioeconomy businesses or R&D -industry collaboration;
  • a very good command of English.

Other conditions:

  • The key-note presentation shall be 30-min long, including a questions and answers session.
  • The key-note presentation will be delivered in Cēsis, Latvia on October 15, 2019.
  • The-follow up practical workshop will be 1,5 h long;
  • The detailed terms and conditions will be negotiated upon the price-assessment based on expert financial offer and publication of technical specification.

If you know an expert that could deliver such a key-note and lead a workshop, or are you are an expert yourself, please get in contact with project manager Santa Niedola, e-mail: , tel. +371 26674261 or project expert Kristaps Ročāns, e-mail:, tel. +371 29753011


@Anna , can JAMK Bioeconomy campus provide such expertise?
Or expertise just on value-chains (theory, variety, combinations etc.), as we are currently on search for such person as well.

@hannu Do you anyone in mind for this topic?

I have been asking around, but no response yet, sorry. Have you though about any of the experts from the digitalisation and bioeconomy seminar in Gdansk (EUSBSR 2019 Annual Forum)?

Not directly, I know that forest sector has conducted some studies on this, but that is not what you want.

thank you for a suggestion, although participants of that session were mostly policy level, it might be interesting to search for the right person also via them.

@kristaps.rocans @santa
Are you still looking for someone, or have you found your expert?

@ingrid , we are still looking for the right one. Do you have any suggestions?

Perhaps. I’ll ask a professor I know from my studies. He’s into ecological economics, could that be suitable for you?

@ingrid , profile of the expertise that we expect to have is written in the post. If your professor is working in this field and can deliver such lecture + workshop, please, forwards this information to him. We would be glad to hear if he is interested in cooperation quite soon :slight_smile:

Dear All,
thank you very much for your involvement and support! We’ve found the perfect match.