Biobord Operating Model

Dear Biobord Users,

We are in the process of publishing an update to the Biobord Operating Model.

You can always find the latest versions of the Biobord Operating Model and connected management documents, guides and manuals under this topic and in the cabinet ‘Biobord User Support’ under ‘Resources’.

BIOBORD OPERATING MODEL: Biobord Operating Model 2.0

Open download: Biobord_Operating_Model_2.0.pdf (3.2 MB) Published on JAN 14, 2020

Biobord Platform Management Documents

Management document 1: Terms of Service
Terms_of_Service_Biobord_Operating_Model_2.0_Management_document_1.pdf (224.9 KB) Published on JAN 14, 2020

Management document 2: Privacy Policy
Open download: Privacy_policy_Biobord_Operating_Model_2.0_Management_documents_2.pdf (167.7 KB) Published on JAN 14, 2020

Management document 3: Data Balance Sheet
Open download: Data_Balance_Sheet_Biobord_Operating_Model_2.0_Management_documents_3.docx (272.1 KB) Published on JAN 14, 2020

Management document 4: Quality Checklist for Service Cards
Open download: Quality_checklist_servicecards_Biobord_Operating_Model_2.0_Management_document_4.docx (205.1 KB) Published on JAN 14, 2020

Guides for Members and Users of Biobord Platform

Guide 1: Innovation Hub Design
Open download: Guide1_Innovation_Hub_Design_Guide_Biobord_Operating_Model_2.0.pdf (492.8 KB) Published on JAN 14, 2020

Guide 2: Service Path Guide for Biobord Members
Guide2_Service_Paths_Biobord_Operating_Model_2.0.pdf (514.2 KB)
Published on JAN 28, 2020

Guide 3: Communication Guide for Biobord Members
Open download: Guide3_Communication_Guide_Biobord_Operating_Model_2.0.pdf (1.3 MB)
Published on JAN 24, 2020

Guide 4: User Guide
Open download: Guide4_UserGuide_Biobord_Operating_Model_2.0_.pdf (1.9 MB) Published on MARCH 16, 2020

Manuals on Biobord Platform Features

Biobord Manual 1: Keycloak User Account Management System
Open download: Biobord_manual_1_keycloak_user_account_management_system.pdf (760.7 KB)
Published on MAR 13, 2020

Biobord Manual 2: Wagtail Content Management System
Open download: Biobord_manual_2_wagtail_content_management_system.pdf (482.4 KB)
Published on JAN 16, 2020

Biobord Manual 3: Forum
Open download: Biobord_manual_3_forum.pdf (560.7 KB)
Published on JAN 16, 2020

Biobord Manual 4: Document Management System
Open download: Biobord_manual_4_document_management_system.pdf (630.2 KB)
Published on JAN 16, 2020

Dear @RDI2CluB, please see the last updated part of the Operating Model (Guide 4).

Updating the Operating Model to 2.0 version is now done. Next update (PP6 & PP1) this summer will be the final version in this project.