BIOBORD FUNCTIONS (3/4); Innovation support

Did you know that Biobord-platform is also a place to find support for your innovations ?

Biobord-platform has been created to support development of BSR bioeconomy innovation clusters/ecosystems. That is why, we have a wide range of services available to support innovation process. For example bio-product development of a small business.

Biobord offers:

  • International network of bioeconomy experts from different fields - This expertise is available for all!

  • Biobord-platform to discuss, share knowledge and opinions with other companies/researchers/teachers/policymakers/regional developers ….

  • Catalogue of bioeconomy testing services around Baltic Sea Region

  • Guide (Operating Model) to walk you through of the process of creating an innovation cluster/ecosystem.

  • OnStage webinar-concept to offer you a stage to present your ideas. We will gather an audience of BSR bioeconomy experts and do the marketing - you just have to select a time and present.

  • Dissemination of ready product/service on Open Biobord forum

If you need any help with your innovation process, don’t hesitate to contact Biobord Staff!