BIOBORD FUNCTIONS (1/4): Networking

Biobord-platform has many functions and networking is one of the core functions. :handshake:

At the moment Biobord has 300 users around Baltic Sea Region and this community is what makes networking possible.

Users are from different countries and from different sectors. We have users that are representing academy, research, policy and business, and users that are merely interested in bioeconomy. Bioeconomy focus is the common factor of the users.

What to do if you wish to network on Biobord ?

  • Make sure your profile is up-to-date (picture and introduction): TUTORIAL: How to set up a profile on Biobord?

  • If you wish, you may present yourself on our meeting section:Meet the Network and introduce yourself

  • If you wish to network directly with an interesting person, you may contact the person via private message: TUTORIAL: How to send a private message?

  • You may post your call-for-expert -topic (or similar networking topic) on Open Biobord. That is an open forum where all of the users visit and spot the announcements. Use relevant tags, provide enough information and remember to include your contact information.

  • Ask help from Biobord Staff they are happy to connect you with relevant people: Meet the staff of Biobord! Biobord staff also shares Open Biobord topic to relevant people anyways.

  • Join our online events called OnStage webinars. New season of webinars starts in January 2021. Event announcements can be found from here:

  • Joint the official Biobord Network to take part on new initiatives and continues co-operation: What is Biobord Network?

We are all here to find new connections and to network, so don’t hesitate to contact people! :slight_smile: