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Bioeconomy Business Accelerator In Saarijärvi project is for developing and testing a system to accelerate the business development and growth of bioeconomy SME companies. The project is implemented by the Institute of Bioeconomy, JAMK University of Applied Sciences. The accelerator, which is called BioPaavo, is located in Saarijärvi, in Central Finland, about 64 kilometres north from Jyväskylä.

In this project we are developing a system that combines the innovation and agility of the SME sector with the market knowledge, scenario work and customer contacts of the companies at the global markets. The task of the leading companies is to create new openings and development needs, and the task of SMEs is to develop sustainable solutions to the openings presented.

The main target of BioPaavo project is to initiate and commercialize globally significant solutions for mitigation of climate change in international business context and to generate notable bioeconomy and carbon neutral based business growth throughout Finland. Our target is also to create a basement for development and growth of the Bioeconomy campus in Tarvaala and to offer an internationally and nationally recognized and inspiring meeting point for top businesses, R&D -organizations and innovators and to promote utilization of newest technologies in production, dissemination, analytics and usage of information in RDI- and business life and versatile usage of information dissemination networks.

The goal is to create a business accelerator in Saarijärvi, which provides also after the project a team-work and office space for the SME, expert work to create co-operation and operational models, and connections for the implementation of the first pilot assignments. The goal is to launch the method that will consolidate and bring continuity to the action. We want to create knowledge clusters and business ecosystems that will enable us to make extensive use of the region’s resources

The bioeconomy is a fast growing sector that opens up new opportunities for businesses. If you are interested to cooperate with us, please contact @tiina or @merja.rehn

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