Biobord Network Actions

Knowledge on Bioeconomy The category Knowledge on Bioeconomy is created for sharing information, planning of joint measures, and knowledge building on new technologies, such as technologies for natural resource management, low-emission building and bioenergy. In addition, this category involves topics related to digitalisation and new opportunities it would bring to the bioeconomy entrepreneurs. Services and Tools for Bioeconomy Innovation The category Services and Tools for Bioeconomy Innovation is created for sharing information, planning of joint measures and knowledge necessary for development and renewing of services and tools to be used to upscale/improve regional innovation ecosystems: to develop and test a joint innovation management models, to connect actors, promote and increase availability of highly qualified and experienced innovation and change promoters etc. Raising awareness on bioeconomy The category Raising Awareness on Bioeconomy is created for sharing information and knowledge on how to address bioeconomy stakeholders and the society, as well for development of a joint online knowledge base for awareness-raising, promotional materials, messages and other tools aimed to address specific target groups. The topic relates to the Objective No.3 in the JAP. New Ideas for Joint Actions The category New Ideas for Joint Actions is created for proposing and implementing new actions, where a proposing organisation or a person is not aware where the new action would fit. The development of new actions can be started in this section and later it will be integrated in the appropriate category No.1-3.
Topic Replies Activity
About the Biobord Network Actions 1 March 27, 2019
Cooperation of bioeconomy SMEs 6 December 3, 2019
S3 platform for regions specialising in bioeconomy 3 November 27, 2019
Digitalisation connecting rural entrepreneurs, services and workforce (Joint Action 2.4.2 12 November 21, 2019
Technologies for low emission buildings 5 November 20, 2019
Renewing operations of traditional bio-based SMEs with new business and cooperation models 3 November 15, 2019
Exchange of knowledge and experience for development of natural resources-based services in tourism, well-being and other areas (1.2.3.) 2 November 13, 2019
We try to raise young patriots, let’s make them bio-patriots as well! 1 November 8, 2019
Reporting Sustainable Development Impact 1 November 5, 2019
Minna and Markku from the BTI met the Evenstad people in September 1 October 31, 2019
Networks and groups connected to Biobord (2.1.2) 3 October 30, 2019
Raising awareness / competences on bioeconomy and smart and sustainable use of bio-resources among bioeconomy stakeholders and the society 3 October 22, 2019
Senior citizens helping to introduce and promote bioeconomy 1 October 17, 2019
Digitalisation for sustainability and productivity (1.1.1) 2 October 10, 2019
Efficient and decentralized bioenergy production 5 October 9, 2019
Food bioeconomy cluster cooperation ( Joint action 2.3.1.) 1 October 1, 2019
New project is launched in area of adult and lifelong learning, aiming to support smart specialization oriented SMEs (Joint Action 2.4) 2 September 20, 2019
25 CASES for BIOECONOMY INNOVATION around the BALTIC SEA REGION 1 September 18, 2019
Biobord connects bioeconomy developers (Joint Action 2.1) 3 September 11, 2019
Story of RDI2CluB and the bioeconomy innovation network around the Baltic Sea 1 August 22, 2019
Lifelong learning for Smart Specializations 4 August 16, 2019
SAVE THE DATE: Horizon 2020 Bioeconomy Info Day and Networking Event in July 2 August 12, 2019
Food Craftmanship competition 2019 1 June 5, 2019
Wood construction 5 June 5, 2019
Shaping eco-friendly attitudes in various social groups of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship 1 May 24, 2019
Communicating Bioeconomy 1 May 13, 2019